Hydroponic Watering System 80 Top Feed

128L, 5 x 9L Pots, 80x80x20cm size
Manufacturer: Growlush

Hydroponic Watering System 80



This Professional manufactured 80x80cm Watering System is a continuous drip feed system designed to give maximum growing height in the grow room. The system is manufactured from water proof aqua tank material, and it is UV resistant.  It is a fully active hydroponics system to maximize the growing space in a grow tent 1 × 1 x 2m or bigger. 

The system is 128 Litre, 80cm square, 20cm height, low profile Aqua Tank with 5 ports (9L each) on the top. Incorporated in this is a new reinforced shelf with holes to match the cover, and to top it all off there is a unique 9 Liter Sock Pots which connect with the lower tank making a light tight connection and ensuring full cycling of nutrients with no spillage.

Each unit is complete with a 11w (min.) super quiet water pump, all the hose fittings needed and five Soaker Hoops. Water is pumped from the tank through the Soaker Hoops to the top of the media; it then works its way through the media bathing the root system in fresh nutrient enriched water before returning to the tank. The Sock Pots can be moved easily at any time during the growing cycle and so the System offers great modular capabilities for moving plants from a vegetative environment straight into a flowering room without hassle.

The unique 9 litre Sock Pots have a lightproof sock attached to the base that neatly leads back into the tank, keeping your root system constantly in the dark and your nutrient returning to the tank.

Please note that the clay balls featured in the photo do not come with the product, please message for more information about deals we can do with clay balls.


Packaging: All items are wrapped in black plastic for your privacy.

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