Full range of hydroponic equipment needed for hydroponic growing of plants

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Bubble Grow 4X Drip Bubbleponic DWC Top Feed System

Grow four large plants in one system
$155.00 $145.00

Bubble Grow Starter 6 Drip Bubbleponic DWC Top Feed System

Grow six plants in one system
$135.00 $115.00

Growlush Industral Timer 1 in 2 out

Run up to 1200w over 2 plugs
$75.00 $69.50

Growlush Temperature Humidity Meter Min Max

Measure Min and Max Temperatures and Humidity in your room
$29.95 $25.95

Hydroponic Watering System 100 Top Feed

200L, 5 x 19L Pots, 100x100x20cm size
$215.95 $199.95

Hydroponic Watering System 40 Top Feed

32L, 1 x 19L Pots, 40x40cm size
$175.95 $159.95

Hydroponic Watering System 60 Top Feed

72L, 4 x 9L Pots, 60x60x20cm size
$195.95 $179.95

Hydroponic Watering System 80 Top Feed

128L, 5 x 9L Pots, 80x80x20cm size
$205.95 $189.95

Nutrient Wand EC PPM CF Meter Tester

For testing your nutrient solution for EC/PPM/CF
$55.95 $49.95